Rachel Whipple Blogg, LCSW, P.A uses an electronic medical record called CounSol which has a “Patient Portal”.  When you are scheduled for the initial consultation appointment, you will get a welcome email with a link to the portal and instructions on how to set it up.  PLEASE SAVE THIS LINK AND YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD.  This portal allows you to:

  1. Complete, update or change demographic information.

  2. Message Rachel confidentially under HIPAA guidelines.  (NOT to be used for crisis or urgent messages; please call your therapist).

  3. Obtain “Superbills”, statements and balances that you can submit if you have out of network benefits.

  4. Complete assessments as assigned by Rachel, located under forms and need to be completed prior to initial consultation.

The patient portal for CounSol is https://rachelblogglcsw.SecurePatientArea.com and is only active when you set up an account that is initiated by Rachel after you schedule the initial consultation appointment.